Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Familia y amigos! 

Esta semana que paso fue fabuloso! Un semana de milagros! De verdad! Entonces, nuestro investigador que tuvo la sueno sobre la iglesia estaba progresando mucho! Primero, el no cree en Dios, entonces nuestras primer lecciones fueron sobre fe. La semana que paso el recibió un respuesta que Dio y Jesucristo existe. Y ayer ensenamos sobre la restauración. WOW! Fue muy interesante! En la media en la lección el dijo que el no necesite un respuesta que el libro de mormón fue verdadero. Que el estaba feliz solamente teniendo la conocimiento que Dios existe. Yo dí el mi libro de mormón (triple) y pregunta el a leer la últimos parágrafos.  Nosotros compartimos la importancia de un testimonio que el Libro de Mormón y felicidad eterna. Finalmente el dijo, sí el recibirá un respuesta que lo fue verdadero lo podría significa estará haciendo cambios en su vida que no quiere en esta momento. Durante la testimonio de Hermana Bazan (un miembro en nuestras barrio) el abrió me triple a doctrina y convenios a sección 18. El lo leyó y recibió un respuesta sobre guardando los mandamientos y debe poner confianza en Dios. Nosotros invitamos el a ser bautizado y el dijo sí, si el reabrir un respuesta. Estoy muy animada. Fue muy, muy bonito.

Y esta semana que paso nosotros hemos cuatro investigadores asistir la iglesia y dos menos activos que no asistieron en años! Les amo mucho! Y uno de nuestros menos activos quiere regresar a el templo con su esposa! Que bonito! Nuestras meta es hemos ellos van antes próximo cambios. 

Yo amo mi barro! El Líderes y miembros están animada a los obra misional! Es perfecto! 

Okay, that was my unedited letter to the president! Let´s hope it makes sense! 
Anywho, for those of you that don´t read broken spanish this is what I wrote! This last week has been filled with milagros! (I´ve decided if I forget how to spell a word in English I´ll just spell it in spanish. That works right?) Anywho, I have a a testimony of fasting and prayer in regaurdes to misisonary work! This last week our investigador Alberto (the one who had a dream about the church and the book of mormon) has been progressing so much! When we first met Alberto he said he didn´t believe in God or Christ. So our first few lession were about faith. He has been diligent in his reading of the book of mormon and praying. Last week Alberto texted us and told us that he recieved a answer to his prayer that God existes! WOW! I know I shouldn´t be surprised but I´m just so happy! Last night we had a lession with Alberto about the resturation of the priesthood and church of Jesus Christ. The lession started out at his house but then he felt that we should go have the lession at the Bazan Family´s casa! It was defenitely a prompting from the Spirit because the lession wouldn´t have gone as well without them. We watched the video about the resturation and answered Alberto´s questions about the priesthood. The spirit was so strong but in the middle of the lesson he stated how he didn´t feel it necissary to pray about the book of mormon. What!? He said if he recieved an answer it was true he would be obligate to make changes in his life he didn´t want to make in this moment. We talked about eternal happiness and the true importance of having a testimony that the book of mormon is true, translated by a prophet of God and that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth. During the entire lession I was praying that we would be able to teach what he needed, that he would recieve the answer he needed. AND THEN while Hermana Bazan was sharing her testimony Alberto flipped to the Doctrine and Covenants in my Triple. He started reading Section 18 wide eyed. It is revelation given about keeping the commandments and trusting God. It was an answer in the moment he needed it most. It was beautiful. He read it aloud and said he felt peace and hope. We invited him to pray and ask God if the book of mormon is true and he agreed to pray. I invited him to baptism and he said YES, after he recieves an answer in prayer.

Las Viñas 2 (alta) has been a tough area but I feel that we have found our perpouse here. Alberto! Also, Familia Cahua! Maria and Julio are most humble and sweetest people I have ever met. They´re like my peruvian grandparents! When we met them Julio hadn´t been to church for years. And guess what! Last week Julio was at church and bore his testimony! AND he and Maria have the goal to return to the temple! We are going with them to the interviews with the bishiop and hopefully the temple too! 

There are other people here who´ve made it all worth while! Like Judith and Marlith! I love the people here with all my heart! And I have the best ward imagenable! The bishopric, ward mission leader (Hna Huaman) and everyone else are all about the missionary work and focused on their menos activos! It is so wonderful! It reminds me of section 4 of D&C. Everyone in this word is working their hardest. 

Oh, one quick story!

Electro Peruano 101  

So a few weeks Hna Sagastegui and I were doing some service at familia cauhua´s casa. They had just recently bought a washing machine for their ropas and were washing a load. So, the set up is a little ramshackle and the wiring was just kind to hanging from the ceiling. Without really thinking I unpluged the washing machine thinking it was the lamp or something! As I did a spark flew and the conductor was fried! I FELT SO BAD! I just killed their conductor and they barely have enough to eat! So right away we went and I bought a new one! 

But instead of just plugging it into the extention cord into the  wall Julio and I started cutting cords, attaching the aluminum wires and wrapping cords with electrical tape and what not! In the end the extention cords worked! It was so crazy! I wish I had more time to explain but I have less than a minute! Hahaha, I hope it makes sense!



Hermana Cornu