Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pictures - 6/2/2014

 2. Mazamora de Tocush.....
 3.  The game: What would happen if....
 4. Yumm
 5. The winner
 6. Elder Lemus and Elder Montoya
 7. The Chancharri family!! My pension! 
 8. Hna Rodriguez and me! 10 months!!!! 31 May 2014


Friends and Family!!!

Life is going really well!!!! I´m still in Santa Anita and am now training Hermana Rodriguez!!! She is so amazing! I love her with all my heart! She is from Mexico and so funny! We have a lot of fun together! I thought training would be hard, even scary, but its so much fun! She already knows everything and teaches really well! I'm teaching her english and she´s been helping me with my spanish! Pronunciación is the hardest! Pray for my spanish! Its gotten a lot better but I still struggle! hahaha, and I almost have a year in the mission!!! I can´t believe it!!

This last week I  had a stomach infection! It lasted two days but I tried to work through it! Until I threw up in a park... then I decided that was probably a good sign we should return to the room. I had a fever that night but the next morning I was feeling a lot better and throwing up a lot less! hahah And now I feel perfect! And two pounds lighter! ahahah jk

Last week we had an ward activity that we, the missionaries planed! Dessert Night!!!! We had a compition of who could make the best dessert! The chocolate cupcakes won! I´ll send photos!! Ohhh..... and someone brought mazamora de TOCUSH..... if you dont know what tocush is... google it.....  its probably the craziest thing a human could eat! Its a puitred potato thats been fermenting in a riverbed for about 5 to 7 months, then is taken out and EATEN! Aparently it has a lot of penacillen and can cure any illness, ever cancer! People say it doesnt have much of a taste but WOW the smell is probably the WORST SMELL KNOWN TO MANKIND!!!!!!! Im not even joking. But in a mozamora it wasnt that noticable. Anywho, the activity was a sucess and we had quite a few investagores there! 

We now share the ward with Elders! They´re both from Colombia!!! And it´s amazing to see the lidership and membership in this ward progress each and every week! I love it here!! 

Awww, this week Arturo from Chosica came and visited our ward in Santa Anita!! It was so great to see him!!!!! It made my week!! I feel like Perú is my home and I have family that spreads across all of Lime East! hahaha. :)

I´ll send some photos now!!!! 


Hna Cornu