Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Family and Friends!!!!!

I love you guys so much! Sorry about last week, I ended up writing friends from the mission! And sorry about this week. I spent my whole pday at the post office picking up a package! THANK YOU MOM! Youre the best! And my friends thank you too! 

Great news! Your prayers have helped immensely! Thank you so much! My toes are healed! I don't really know what happened but I'll try to send pictures next week. Hahaha, or someday. I'm writing from the mission home but don't have much time.

So the work in Las Vinas is going great! Slow, but our investigators are great!

I LOVE our ward! The members are so willing to help with the obra misional! And our ward mission leader Hermano Human is the best! It's funny, there's been a few times where he's found us walking tocar puertas and had us hop in his car. He would give us a drive by tour of where all the members of the ward live and every few minutes stop, roll down his window and have a conversation with some random person in the street and invite them to hear from missionaries, us! LOL A whole new way to go tracking! So crazy.

Okay, my spanish has improved a lot but I have one funny story! I don't think I've already shared it but forgive me if I have. Okay, a few weeks ago Hermana Sagastegui and I were knocking doors one night. I rang the door bell and started talking to a girl through the intercom. I explained how we were missionaries and wanted to share a message about Jesus Christ and the importance of families. The girl said she would have to ask her parents. As she asked her mom said "Who is it?" and she responded "I don't know, the girl was speaking Portuguese!" My companion started laughing! I think my gift of tongues is set to the wrong language! Hahaha  

Hahah, okay, no mas tiempo! 


Love Hermana Cornu

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Mi familia y amigos!!!

This week has been great but full of interesting mishaps! For example the other day I went to use the bathroom at my pensionista´s casa and as I was washing my hands Hermana Rebecca knocked on the door in a panic saying Hermana Cornu, did you use the bathroom? There was ´´acido on the toliet seat!´´ But all this was in spanish of course. I stood there and realized that my skin did not feel normal!!! Hahaha, but no worries I washed it off and I´m perfectly fine! But yes, I was scared out of my mind with a chemical called ACIDO on my behind! 

This week I also obtained an interesting toe infection but I´m going to the doctor today so no worries! It looks like of like a blister but was leaking puss..... I´ll try to send a pic!

Oh, and this week I lost all my money for the month. Well, lost it or it was stolen, I´m not sure. But no worries, I think I can get permision to withdraw some money from my personal account. I´m sad because it was 100 soles but trying to keep positive! 

Oh, it was cool, there was a joven (young kid) 17 years old that came to church last week and told us how he´s not a member but had a dream about the church! It was really interesting!

Oh wow, there´s a lot I want to tell you guys about but my mom is online! Mas mas tarde!


Hermana Cornu

Monday, October 7, 2013



Hola familia y amigos!

What a week! Did you guys watch conferencia general!? It was amazing! Hermana Sagastegui and I were only able to watch the the morning sessions of Saturday and Sunday. We didn´t have investigators that could attend the afternoon sessions so we weren´t  able to watch it. But we went to work instaed.

Oh mercy, this week has been a trail of paciencia y esperanza. Throughout the week we had 19 appoinments, which is really great! But all of them fell through except for 3. I´m really excited to work hard but it sometimes feels like no matter how well we plan and get to work nothing comes of it. Don´t get me wrong, I love every moment. I just hope that I can spend my time in Las Viñas wisely and do the work that needs to be done. 

Okay, fun story! So last night we had guinie pig soup again! And this time as I was spooning some of the broth I noticed an unusual shape... so I used my spoon to surface the mass hiding in my soup and it was unlike anthing I have ever seen before! I was like a knot of intestines! I tried to hid it back down at the bottom of my bowl, but it kept floating back to the surface! I decided to pretend I was at Hogwarts or on an episode of Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls and just eat it! And right before I took my first bite Hermano Gonzales told informed me that it was a GUINIE PIG WOMB and very ricco! So I ate it, the whole thing! It tasted okay, and the texture wasn´t too bad either. I think that will be the only time however that I eat the womb of any creature.... Oh mercy. Hahaha. What an experience! 

Well friends and family! I love you all! If possible email conference to me in english so I can print it out!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


Friday, October 4, 2013


Mi Amigos y Familia!!!
Esta semana paso rápido! Durante esta semana muchas de nuestra citas cayeron. Sin embardo, con eso tiempo encontramos nuevo investigadores.
He entendido mejor que significa a hallar un persona con un corazón preparado. Cada uno pude recibir un testifico que el evangelio es verdadero, pero no cada uno están dispuesto a hacen los cambios necesarios en sus vidas. No todas los personas son listos en esta momento y esta bien. Al plantar buenas semillas, buen cosas resultara finalmente. 
Me gusta conocer a los miembros del barrio! Son muy Amable!
El Jueves Hermana Blackwell, Hamilton, Sagastegui, y yo ensenamos nuestra primera clase de ingles! Fue muy divertido! Tuvimos poco estudiantes pero pienso que tendremos mas esta semana! 
Estoy animada por la obra misional y me gusta aprender español El idioma es difícil pero si yo trabajo mas duro, finalmente llegara a ser mas fácil.
Sorry, I have no idea how to fix the font color. I tried but I decided it´s not worth the time! Haha
Okay! So I´m actually going to send some photos today! It takes 2934029352039 years to load so we´ll see how it goes!
So this week the work has been a little slow. A lot of our appointments fell through but on the bright side we have an investigador who wants to be baptised! He´s name is Alberto! He´s an absolute doll and basically knows everything there is to know about the gospel! Haha, but for real. We barely even have to teach him, we just ask him a few questions and he has all the answers!
Oh! Guess what! On Jueves Hermana Hamiliton, Blackwell, Sagastegui and I taught our first English Class! Every Thursday night we teach a free english class for anyone who wants to learn! We´ve had no training but we use the grammer books we recieved at the CCM and just reverse it to Enlish! It´s a lot of fun! Last week we taught formal greetings and Ser y Estar form, in enlish To Be form. And next week we´re going to teach how to pray and talk about family!
Oh so this last week I had an embaressing moment. I was at my pensonista´s casa for aylmuerzo and was showing everyone my Whoville impression (how I can hold air under my upper lip... I forget why I was doing this but yeah.... haha) and as I was doing so I started scooting the stool I was sitting on backwards but then the legs got caught and the little stool fell from underneath me! All I remeber was that I fell falt on my butt and my skirt caught a lot of air! Hahaha, oh mercy everyone was laughing so hard! And the poor stool survived but theres a bit of a crack in it. I feel awful but it was almost worth the laugh! 
Oh! One thing that I love about Lima is that there are dogs hanging out on the roofs of houses! ALL THE TIME! I go to ring a door bell and then I hear barking from a dog who looks like he´s tempted to jump on me and destroy me! It´s wild! 
Oh, real quick, it coast about 9 soles to mail letters and 27 soles to mail letters in one envelop.. so I won´t be mailing letters for a while until I figure out a way to balance out everything money wise.
Oh one last funny story! So yesterday we were at a familia Rivera´s house for lunch. And they were asking about my life and so of course I told them all about Ty! hahah and they asked how old he was and I mentioned how he´s a little younger. And then Hermano Rivera said ´´Oh we have a word for that in spanish!´´ hahah and I laughed and said ´´we do too, in english its cougar´´. But because my last name Cornu is hard to pernouce/ remember as Hna Sagastegui and I were leaving familia Rivera´s casa,  Hermana Rivera said ´´chao Hna Cougar´´ instead of Cornu. We all started laughing so hard! I thought she said it as a joke but she ment to say cornu! She felt so bad, which made it even funnier. hahaha ANd then, their 4 year old son Leyonardo kept yelling Hna Cougar! Hna Cougar! Hahah oh mercy! 
Oh, so the pictures just finished loading... so sorry, I hope the 3 i picked were winners. hahaha next week I´ll send a pick of Pollo brasa y papas fritas! A popular dish aqui in Lima! AND INCA COLA. It´s a yellow soda that tasted exactly like bubble gum. IT´s a little strange at first but one grows to love it. Haha
Well, life in Las Viñas Alta is swell! Continue to pray for me! I need all the help I can get!
Hermana Cougar
P.S. Can someone forward this to Claire! Tell her I miss her like crazy and that I forgot her email!