Monday, December 2, 2013


*This is parts of the email Sonia forwarded to me! She has been so busy that she hasn't had a chance to write an email dedicated for the blog only so enjoy this one. -Tiffanee

Oh mercy, there´s so much to tell you! I have a new companion and life is SO HAPPY! Hermana Hazelton is so sweet, and likes to work HARD! I´m so excited! Las Viñas will never be the same! I am seriously so happy I can´t describe it!
SO...... I went to the hospital last week and had an ENDOSCOPY! The best part is I got a DVD of the procedure! How cool is that?! Well, there`s some news.... I have gastritis, ulcers (really small though), and probably a problem with my intestines. BUT I think I´ll be okay. I just have a lot of nausea, pain, and diarrhea but really, it´s not every moment of every day so life is good. But President made a strict rule that if there´s anyone ill for more than two weeks they have to go home to heal. I don´t think my gastritis is included in that. Oh, so I have an appointment this Wednesday to get the final results of my endoscope and hopefully will receive all the right medication to help!
Why does God heal some people right away and others after a trail of their faith when they had enough faith to ask for a blessing in the first place. Well, I think you already answered the question. It`s a trial of our faith. Faith is an action word and more than just a belief. When we live and make correct decisions based on what we know to be true, or what we believe, that is a demonstration of our faith. God often asks a little of us before we can receive his blessings. Why? For our spiritual good and our development. I received a blessing for my stomach the first month I got in the field and for the first time it felt like God was speaking directly to me through the words of the Elder giving me the blessing. I felt that God was and is really aware of me. In the blessing He said that my stomach would be healed but that it would take time. That I needed to learn patience. That what I am enduring is a little part of the atonement Christ suffered. That my savior is with me every step of the way. So I guess the purpose isn´t to ask, why is this happening to me. But to remember Christ suffered this for me and will help me overcome all things if but do my part. Faith is expressed in our actions. If God wants to humble ourselves and try our faith a little before we are healed or blessed it´s for our good. All that God does has a spiritual purpose. I know that God loves us and is our Heavenly Father. I know that my Savior lives. I have a testimony that this Church has the fullness of the Plan of Salvation and doctrines of Christ. I know the Book of Mormon is a true testament of Jesus Christ. And that the priesthood is the authority to perform the ordinances and covenants of God on this earth and has been restored. I understand more of His sacrifice. I learned that the Savior felt our pains and sins individually, like people waiting in a line, one by one. He knows us personally and individually. I believe he is constantly aware of us, guides us, helps us, and prays for us.
Keep praying for me but don´t worry! I`m really alright! and still hard at work! I LOVE YOU! Oh, and below is a copy of my letter to president in Spanish!

Presidente Ardila,
Tengo mucho a decir hoy! Primero, los siento por me actitud en mi últimos carta. Perdonarme. Ahorita, estoy mucho mejor. Estoy muy, muy, muy animada por esta semana! Me encanta Hermana Hazelton! Ella es muy enfoca, feliz, amable, organizado y le gusta trabaja duro! Yo siento unidos en nuestras compañerismo y ella ha ya me enseño mucho. Cuando Hermana Sagastegui se fue yo tuve un poco temor por la responsabilidad de Las Viñas en mi hombros pero no mas. Siempre estoy  asombrado que pude pasar con la ayuda de El Señor. Finalmente yo siento como estoy caminando afuera la niebla. Yo siento mas organizado con Hermana Hazelton y estoy listas por la obra! Presidente, gracias por ella! Yo se yo puedo aprender muchas de ella! Ella y Hermana McKenna son BUEN ejemplos por ami. Ellas siempre hablan en español y son mi motivación para intento mas duro. :) Esta semana que paso yo tuve un endoscopia! Y recibí un DVD de la proceder, es muy interesante! Jajaja. Sin embargo, Yo tengo gastritis, ulceras en mi estomago, y quizá un problema con mi intestinos. Pero, estoy feliz para estar aquí en Lima al un misionera! No importa la pequeños cosas, como gastritis... jajaja. :) Gracias por Hermana Hazelton! Gracias por Las Viñas! Nuestras barrio y líderes de barrio son ASOMBROSO!
Cuidase Presidente! Tenga un buen día!!!
Hermana Cornu


Hermana Cornu