Wednesday, August 28, 2013


                                                            District Photo!!
Elder Jensen Photo Bomb... ahaha
                                                         Trifecta Perfecta!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 weeks left in the CCM!

Dear Friends and Family!
I have so much to share this week but so little time to share it! I spent the majority of the time writing mis padres!
Anywho! Only two more weeks and I am out in the field! It is so crazy to think about. I have learned a lot of Spanish but at the same time, I know nothing and have a feeling I the first few months are going to be burtal! However, I do know that God is helping me and will continue to help me. So, at least I'm not stressed!
Oh! The hight light of this week! On Saturday a whole herd of children came to visit the CCM!!!!!!! It was so cool! We had a group visit our class! They were in primary! We asked if they would sing their favorite primary song and they did! It was so precious!!!
So! One of my teachers Hermano Tello loves to take time from Language study and teach us about the culture of Peru! I now know what the symbols on the flag stand for! The Llama represents the richness and diveristy of the animal kingdom and the tree of the richness of the plant kindgom. The cornucopia resembles all the minerals of Peru! And the red and white resemble the blood of the patriots and the peace that came from their sacrifice.
Oh! And since the Lima East mission was splite earlier in July the East mission is now mostly city! Where the CCM and Temple are at!!! So, perhaps no jungle for me, but we'll see! ;) Oh No! No time left!!
So sorry, I'll send more pictures next time! And a longer email!
Much love,
Hermana Cornu

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Family & Friends!

Family & Friends!
I miss you all so much! Life here at the CCM has been awesome! I can't believe it's already been 20 days! The time has just been flying by! Everyday is jammed packed with classes and lessons!
Guess what! So every week we have to prepare a 5 minute talk in Spanish with the chance that we might get called up to speak in sacrament. The main purpose of preparing the talks is so that by the time we get into the field and are ever called to share a thought in sacrament meeting we have something to say! Well, this last Sunday I had a feeling someone from our district was going to give a talk. I said a prayer in my heart during sacrament meeting asking God to please help who ever had to speak represent our district well. And right after I said that I heard my name being announced "Hermana Cornu as the last speaker". Ah, it was funny. I had prepared a talk completely in Spanish so it wasn't too nerve wracking. It was on repentance. I'll try to mail it to you later! I recieved a lot of complements on my Spanish but little did they know I just copied phrases out of my Spanish for Missionaries book! :) But honestly, what else am I supposed to do? I am now learning how to conjugate and what not. Well, I feel like I've been taught since week one but it's now all starting to click. 
Besides talks on Sunday we teach fake investigators lessons in Spanish a few times a week, and have to prepare lessons to teach the class. On top of learning Spanish and having every minute of the day planned out it seems a little overwhelming but I haven't gotten stressed yet. Thank goodness! I just ignore the fact I leave here in a few weeks and hope for the best! I just tell my self fear is a lack of faith. :) My companions have told me my Spanish has come a long way. I feel like it's starting to get easier, but still pray for me! I need all the help and blessings I can get! :)
So, once again I can barely remember all the things I wanted to tell you about that happened through out the week. Los seinto!!! Oh. One thing I wanted to mention, there are so many doves that live at the CCM! They're big, brown, beautiful doves with white strips on their wings!  And they sound like mourning doves! But their "chirp" is slightly different. I'll try to catch one and video tape it for you! Jajaja, jk! ;)
Also, the food here is awesome. Oh! Next week I'll send a picture of this fruit they have! I don't know it's name but it looks like frog eggs! It's awesome.
So I pretty much have the most amazing district ever! I seriously never stop laughing. They're so funny! I've been told by several people that they know exactly where I'm at in the CCM because they can hear my laugh. So embarrassing, but I can't help it! I just miss laughing! Hahaha :)
Oh Natalie! Will you forward this to Katie and Claire! I miss them dearly! With all my heart! I don't have their emails with me at the moment!
We got to go to the temple today! SO AMAZING! I love the temple! It truely is a house of the Lord.
Anywho, I love guys! Oh mi familia! So far I have mailed you two letters! Please write me a letter! Elder Netzley has been getting letters from his grandma every week and I'm starting to get jealous! Hahaha. But for real. ;) I think it takes about two weeks for the letters to get here but if you send one now I might be able to get it before I leave!
P.S. Can you email or mail me an English Ensign of General Conference¡?¡?¡ They're for sale here but only in Spanish. Aaaaaand I'm not quite fluent yet.
P.P.S. The vender churrors here are amazing! Filled with carmel!
Alright, I have to go!! I love you!
P.P.P.S Thanks for the email Gary! It's so good to hear from you! You too Kally Rae! You're amazing!! Love you guys!!!
Hermana Cornu

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


                                                      Mi compeƱaras and I
                                                           Peruvian Soles
                                                           Yum Yums!

                                                       CCM Welcome Sign
                                                         Lima Peru Temple
                                                         CCM Fountain!

Temple Trip!

Dear Family & Friends,
Hola! What an incredible week! On Saturday all the missionaries in the CCM went proselyting! Yes, my 10th day of being in Peru and learning Spanish and I am out an about bearing my testimony of el evangelio y el Libro De Mormom in SPANISH! Okay, I barely did any of the talking. I left that for Hermana McInnis! She's amazing at speaking Spanish! But we did our best and every person we spoke with listened to our message! The people of Peru are so kind and willing to talk about their beliefs! They have a deep love for Christ and are always wanting to learn more and draw closer to Him! We gave out 8 Libro de Mormons and a bunch of pamphlets and invited 9 people to church! The people of Peru are amazing! I am still amazed how friendly everyone is and they don't mind giving their time to talk with a stranger! I prayed that God would lead us to people who were ready in their hearts. Twice I felt impressed that perhaps we had. Later Saturday night when praying I felt in my heart God's love for me and that I'm in the right place doing the right thing.
Today is Pday! WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!! I love the temple! Temples are the most peaceful and beautiful places on all the earth! The Lima Peru Temple is rather small but it is so gorgeous! I endowment session was in Spanish too, but luckily they had translators! 
Oh, so I LOVE my companions and my district! Seriously the most amazing people ever! Every night we have district dinner and during physical activities mi compeƱaras and I do cross fit or play ultimate frisbee with the Elders in our district!  I've lost some weight! I'm not sure how much but I'm excited. Haha, I have to be wedding dress ready by the time I come home!
Sorry this email is so scatter brained! I am trying to remember all the things I wanted to email about before the time runs out!
Oh! So learning Spanish is crazy hard. We've already been teaching mock investigator lessons in total Spanish for the last week and a half. I honestly don't feel like I'm making any head way but I'm going to study my hardest. I have to learn this language as soon as possible. After Saturday I realise how much I need to be able to say what's in my heart and what the Spirit is prompting me. It hit me last night that I have 4 weeks to become fluent in Spanish... I know it takes about 4 to 6 months but hopefully by the end of 4 weeks I'll be able to write an entire email in Spanish! That's my goal! I know if I study my hardest God will help me with the language. Sunday night I got a blessing my from two Elders in my district. I was sick with the cold but couldn't keep anything down. In the blessing I was promised how I would regain my health and how God would help me with the language if I study diligently. It was the most powerful blessing I have ever received, the Spirit was so strong. I could feel in my heart that God loves me and is always ready to help. I just have to be obedient and work my hardest.
I wish I had more time to email! But I'm going to send some pictures!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
Hermana Cornu

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pictures from the first week!

Sister Cornu in Peru Email #2

Dear Family and Friends,
It' day six at the CCM! I'm still absorbing the fact I'm in PERU!!!!! I have TWO comanperas!! Sister McInnes and Sister Tiaou! They're both amazing! I love them to pieces! Oh, side note, the key boards here are different and my email doesn't have spell check... so I apologize now.
Anywho, the CCM is beautiful! I can't wait to email photos! Oh and the food here is awesome! Real peruvian food, but tamed down a bit for us North Americans. Haha.
Oh! Today is our P Day! We got to go shopping!! We took a bus ride to the temple first (but weren't able to do temple work, the temple is closed for cleaning). The buses here are so tiny! Standing up my head hits the roof! And they pack as many people inside the bus as possible! It costs about 50 cents to ride the bus and in American dollars it's about 30 cents. The grocery stores for the most part are similar but there are more markets. For example there are these storage units that people set up little shops in! It's awesome! 
I'm in district 103! I love it! The Hermanas and the Elders in my district are the best! Oh no, we had to wait forever to email, the teacher wasn't in the room to log us in. We have to log in twice and waited a second time. And now I'm being told I have to go. Everyone else got an hour but I'll get about 35 minutes, but that's okay. Next email will be longer! I'll send some photos now if possible!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Lots of love,
Hermana Cornu!  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

First email from Peru!!

Family and Friends!!!
I've made it to PERU! While in the Portland airport I met Elder Vanwood and in Dallace we met up with about 20 other Elder and Sister missionaries! We also ran into a lot of returning missionaries! We didn't arrive to the CCM until about 4 a.m.! Luckiy I was able to get in a full five hours of sleep! I've gotten my name tag!!! It's officle, I am a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! Life couldn't be better!
While riding on bus from the aiport in Callo to the CCM in La Molina I noticed how different the houses are here. They look like little boxes of all colors and sizes stacked one on top of the other! Decorated with graffiti!
The showers in the CCM decide for themselves if they want to be hot or cold. Makes for interesting showers! And for breakfast we had a milky peach yogurt and cereal and a banana!
Oh! I have to go! I'm safe and enjoying the adventure!! I love you all!!!!!!
Love always,
Hermana Cornu
Hey everyone! Sonia wanted to thank everyone who stopped by for her open house! Here are a few pictures she got to take from the set up of it. Again, thanks to everyone!