Thursday, June 5, 2014


Friends and Family!!!

Life is going really well!!!! I´m still in Santa Anita and am now training Hermana Rodriguez!!! She is so amazing! I love her with all my heart! She is from Mexico and so funny! We have a lot of fun together! I thought training would be hard, even scary, but its so much fun! She already knows everything and teaches really well! I'm teaching her english and she´s been helping me with my spanish! Pronunciación is the hardest! Pray for my spanish! Its gotten a lot better but I still struggle! hahaha, and I almost have a year in the mission!!! I can´t believe it!!

This last week I  had a stomach infection! It lasted two days but I tried to work through it! Until I threw up in a park... then I decided that was probably a good sign we should return to the room. I had a fever that night but the next morning I was feeling a lot better and throwing up a lot less! hahah And now I feel perfect! And two pounds lighter! ahahah jk

Last week we had an ward activity that we, the missionaries planed! Dessert Night!!!! We had a compition of who could make the best dessert! The chocolate cupcakes won! I´ll send photos!! Ohhh..... and someone brought mazamora de TOCUSH..... if you dont know what tocush is... google it.....  its probably the craziest thing a human could eat! Its a puitred potato thats been fermenting in a riverbed for about 5 to 7 months, then is taken out and EATEN! Aparently it has a lot of penacillen and can cure any illness, ever cancer! People say it doesnt have much of a taste but WOW the smell is probably the WORST SMELL KNOWN TO MANKIND!!!!!!! Im not even joking. But in a mozamora it wasnt that noticable. Anywho, the activity was a sucess and we had quite a few investagores there! 

We now share the ward with Elders! They´re both from Colombia!!! And it´s amazing to see the lidership and membership in this ward progress each and every week! I love it here!! 

Awww, this week Arturo from Chosica came and visited our ward in Santa Anita!! It was so great to see him!!!!! It made my week!! I feel like Perú is my home and I have family that spreads across all of Lime East! hahaha. :)

I´ll send some photos now!!!! 


Hna Cornu

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