Monday, September 16, 2013

First email from the mission field!

Querido familia y amigos,

¿Que Pasa? Tango síes días en el campo. Es muy divertido! Me encanta la gente de Perú! Son muy amables! Me encanta me compañera! Ella es de Trujillo Peru! Ella tiene mucha paciencia con mi español. Me ensena mucho. He aprendido mas en los pasados síes días luego del CMM. ;)

La comida aquí es muy bueno! Pero nos don de comer mucho! Cada vez siento como si comiera todo un caballo! 

El trabajo es muy animado! Me encanta conoce personas nueve y compartiendo me testimonio de Jesucristo! Tenemos nuevo investigadores y visitamos familias menos activos! Yo llegar a ser mejor a hablando con cada personas yo vi! Y encontrémonos y ensenamos mío contactos de Sábado pasado cuando yo fue a la CCM. Estoy muy animada a ser aquí en Las Veñas! 

Anywho, don't be impressed, I wrote that before write this email! Mission life is going great! I have a new companion! Hermana Sagastegui! She's amazing! It was so funny, last night when visting a family she opened up a Liahona (Ensign) and flipped to a page with her picture on it!!! Hermana Segastegui is the first girl of peru to enter the mission field at age 19! I think I remember seeing her picture in the Ensgin too! You should look and let me know if you find it! From July 2013!

So! My companion and I are in the nicest area called Las Veñas! I area split our first day so we have Las Veñas alta! Brand spank'n new! Are we're both new to the area entirely! So I guess the Lord really trusts us!

This last week we've found new investigators and have gotten to know the families of the ward! And I've been doind my best to talk to everyone I come in contact with! My spanish is HORRIBLE but I'm so excited to learn!!! 

Our aparment is way nice! I feel really lucky! However, the Sister missionaries are always placed in the nicer areas! Haha, poor Elders. 

We have a penciónista! Hermana Gonzalas! Her and her family are so nice and beautiful! I wanted to get a picture with them today but I forgot! The food is always amazing! However, I think the people here think if they feed us more they get more blessings! Probably true but I'm going to get so fat! Hahaha. We eat all that we're given and each time I feel like I just walked away from a Thanks Giving feast! 

This last Sunday was stake conference! The apostles had a speacial message for the people of Peru! I heard what they said was really beautiful! I listened of course, however didn't understand much! It was broadcasted but filmed in Peru I believe! 

Oh! I had an interview with my Mission President! He told me to tell you (Mom and Dad) thank you for sending such a wonderful daughter and that I'm going to make a great missionary! What kind words! He also told me that if I work hard I'll be able to say and understand all that I need to in Spanish in TWO MONTHS! WOW! What an amazing blessing. I'll have to work my tail off but I know that the Lord helps those who give their best! 

I LOVE YOU ALL! I want to send some photos! Know that I love and miss you all! 

Please forward this email to Katie, Claire and Moroni!!! Let them know I love and miss them!!!

P.S. Even though I barely speak spanish I still find a way to rave about Ty! Hhahahaha! Everyone loves it! 

Until next week!

P.S. Sorry I was unable to write last week, we didn't get a PDAY!


Hermana Cornu

P.S. Haven't gotten to eat guinie pig yet, or however its spelled, pero, chicken feet may be in my future!!!! :D lOVE YOU!

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