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El obra misional va a bien! Tenemos nuevos investigadores y hemos invitado tres investigadores para bautismo. Nunca fachas todavía pero puedo ver que nuestras investigadores están progresando en fe! Este semana fuimos a el Templo! Me encanta el Templo! Yo pregunté Padre Celestial para ayúdame reconocer susurras del Espíritu Santo y mas tarde que día yo pude me mejor para actuar en cada impresión! Lo fue un grande aprendiendo experiencia! Actuando en cada impresión conducía para bien resultados! Ahora, siento mas confidencia en me capacitad para seguir las impresiones del Espíritu Santo. Semana mejor todavía! 

Oh mercy, can I just say how much I miss you all! The work has been going great! Being brand new to a newly established area started off a little slow but things are picking up! The people of Peru are amazing. So many people are willing to share their beliefs and want to learn more about the Savior. I can see their faith through their eyes and it´s incredible.

We have a handful of investigators in our area and a lot of future investigators. Future investigators are people we meet in the street or at their door who want to learn more later in the week. We meet and talk to with over 100 people a week! It`s awesome! 

My Spanish feels like it`s progressing slowly but my friends say they can see the difference. I just need to do my best and be pacient! Oh mercy, all this Spanish makes it impossible to remember how to spell in English! hahaha, Los siento! Also, I´ve said a lot of things in the past 13 days in Spanish that were NOT what I ment to say. I`ve said a few things missionaries just don`t say! Haha, but not on perpouse! 

OH! So I feel the need to share with you one experience from my first week in the field. My companion and I are walking down the side walk and I hear a Tarzan/ George of the Jungle call so I look up and see a young boy hanging from the branch of a tree while his friend shook the tree as hard a possible. I laughed to hard! I love kids!

Second! Natalie, please don´t hate me for life...... but last night our pensionista made this awesome sopa (soup) with GUEINI PIG!!!!!!!! I thought it was a slab of pork! It tasted just like pork but Nayale (one of the daughts who I LOVE!!) told me it was gueini pig! I was so excited to have finially tried it but felt a little bad.I´M sorry Natalie! Know that I love you more than eating gueini pigs and I hope you forgive me! 

So! My favorite thing is praying in the temple! I can feel the God hears my prayers and the comfort of the Spirit is so incredibly strong! We got to go to the temple as a disctrict this week! I prayed that God would help me recongize the promptings of the Spirit and help give me the courage to act on each one! Later that day I felt small promptings to walk down a particular street, or knock on a certin door! And each time we found someone who was receptive to our message and wanted to learn more! It´s hard reconizing the spirit sometimes. It often feels like a thought or a feeling of truth.It`s easy to ignore but more often than not if its the Spirit I recieve the same prompting again if I am tempted to ignore it. As I`ve put forth greater effort to follow each prompting I´ve notice the work is much easier when I allow God to guide me! 

P.S. I LOVE studying the scriptures! Nothing invites the spirit like prayer and reading the scriptures. I have a true testimony of that! Family, you should try praying and reading the scriptures as a family cada día! I can promise you will be blessed! I wish I had that habit before I left on my mission. I have learned and grown so much just by doing those two things each day since being on my mission! 

I feel like I`ve been writing forever but I see that I haven`t written much! I`m sorry friends and family! I´ll send some photos now since I didn´t have time last week! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Tiffanee, Thank you so much for all that you do and I LOVE YOU AND MISS you like crazy! You`re emails brighten my week! #ladytime

Katie, I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU! Thank you so for the email! You crack me up! I miss you like crazy! I seriously basically cried... ahahah.Katie! Try for the soft ball thing! You would make an AMAZING coach! You have the ablility to motivate and encourage people! Thats not something everyone can do! You are a great teacher and leader and I can see you being amazing as a coach! I wish I had time to respond to everything you wrote me! Know that I love you and I`ll try to write you a letter!

Oh! And if anyone wants to write me letters (MOM) you might want to try DEARELDER.COM, fill in my mission home address and send it that way. It costs a dollar but I might get it sooner! Okay, 5 mins to send photos! Ill try to be quick! 


Oh and NATALIE!! I love and miss you with all my heart and pray for you everyday and KNOW that you would make an amazing missionary! You should think about it! You have such a loving heart and I know you could be an amazing instrument in the hands of the lord! Just ponder it! I LOVE YOU and am so proud of you! 


Oh Ty! I love you too! 


Hermana Cornu

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