Sunday, January 19, 2014


Familia y amigos!

What a crazy week we´ve had! I´ve got two stories to share! 

First, our very own Liberty Jail. (Okay, I´m being dramatic but really...)
So, this Wednesday Hermana Hazelton and I were really excited to work! We had lessions booked for every hour! Everyday we leave our house 11 am, and Wednesday was just like anyother day. We live in a house with a member of the church. And her house just like all the other house here in Peru has a gate around it. So, like normal we shut the house door behind us and go to unlock the gate door. BUT WE DIDN¨T HAVE THE KEYS!!!! We were stuck in between the house and the gate all day! FOR 7 HOURS!!!!!! I didn´t wait long to write a note and find a lady walking by to help! I said ma`am, can you help us? we´re locked between the house and the gate and have no way out. Will you give this note to our friend who lives on the next street so she can help us? And the old lady said NO. That she didn´t have time! AND SHE LIVED ON THE sAME STREET! I was thinking, well, you can either be a good sameratin or a crappy pharasee.. but explained how we were trapped and would be grateful if she could even just leave the note outside the door. Por fin she took the note! I was so grateful! About an hour or two passed by when Gabriel( a member in our ward) came up and said Hermanas! Need help? We were surprised to see gabriel and ask Grabriel, how did you know we were here? He said Cesar told me. We asked How did Cesar know?! He explained how Bishop told him! And how did Bishop know!? Jokingly he said, It´s on facebook hermanas! AH!!!! Ah! Que vergüenza! jajajaja No, Sheyla our pensionista called bishop. But I am short on time and can´t explain the details but long story short, we were trapped for seven hours, had lunch passed to us through the gate and missed all of our appointments. OH, and last week we lost our cell phone so that didn´t help. haha oh mercy, but the work is still moving forward!

I had another story more spiritual but only have 3 minutes left.But I´ll save it for next week!


Hermana Cornu

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