Friday, October 4, 2013


Mi Amigos y Familia!!!
Esta semana paso rápido! Durante esta semana muchas de nuestra citas cayeron. Sin embardo, con eso tiempo encontramos nuevo investigadores.
He entendido mejor que significa a hallar un persona con un corazón preparado. Cada uno pude recibir un testifico que el evangelio es verdadero, pero no cada uno están dispuesto a hacen los cambios necesarios en sus vidas. No todas los personas son listos en esta momento y esta bien. Al plantar buenas semillas, buen cosas resultara finalmente. 
Me gusta conocer a los miembros del barrio! Son muy Amable!
El Jueves Hermana Blackwell, Hamilton, Sagastegui, y yo ensenamos nuestra primera clase de ingles! Fue muy divertido! Tuvimos poco estudiantes pero pienso que tendremos mas esta semana! 
Estoy animada por la obra misional y me gusta aprender español El idioma es difícil pero si yo trabajo mas duro, finalmente llegara a ser mas fácil.
Sorry, I have no idea how to fix the font color. I tried but I decided it´s not worth the time! Haha
Okay! So I´m actually going to send some photos today! It takes 2934029352039 years to load so we´ll see how it goes!
So this week the work has been a little slow. A lot of our appointments fell through but on the bright side we have an investigador who wants to be baptised! He´s name is Alberto! He´s an absolute doll and basically knows everything there is to know about the gospel! Haha, but for real. We barely even have to teach him, we just ask him a few questions and he has all the answers!
Oh! Guess what! On Jueves Hermana Hamiliton, Blackwell, Sagastegui and I taught our first English Class! Every Thursday night we teach a free english class for anyone who wants to learn! We´ve had no training but we use the grammer books we recieved at the CCM and just reverse it to Enlish! It´s a lot of fun! Last week we taught formal greetings and Ser y Estar form, in enlish To Be form. And next week we´re going to teach how to pray and talk about family!
Oh so this last week I had an embaressing moment. I was at my pensonista´s casa for aylmuerzo and was showing everyone my Whoville impression (how I can hold air under my upper lip... I forget why I was doing this but yeah.... haha) and as I was doing so I started scooting the stool I was sitting on backwards but then the legs got caught and the little stool fell from underneath me! All I remeber was that I fell falt on my butt and my skirt caught a lot of air! Hahaha, oh mercy everyone was laughing so hard! And the poor stool survived but theres a bit of a crack in it. I feel awful but it was almost worth the laugh! 
Oh! One thing that I love about Lima is that there are dogs hanging out on the roofs of houses! ALL THE TIME! I go to ring a door bell and then I hear barking from a dog who looks like he´s tempted to jump on me and destroy me! It´s wild! 
Oh, real quick, it coast about 9 soles to mail letters and 27 soles to mail letters in one envelop.. so I won´t be mailing letters for a while until I figure out a way to balance out everything money wise.
Oh one last funny story! So yesterday we were at a familia Rivera´s house for lunch. And they were asking about my life and so of course I told them all about Ty! hahah and they asked how old he was and I mentioned how he´s a little younger. And then Hermano Rivera said ´´Oh we have a word for that in spanish!´´ hahah and I laughed and said ´´we do too, in english its cougar´´. But because my last name Cornu is hard to pernouce/ remember as Hna Sagastegui and I were leaving familia Rivera´s casa,  Hermana Rivera said ´´chao Hna Cougar´´ instead of Cornu. We all started laughing so hard! I thought she said it as a joke but she ment to say cornu! She felt so bad, which made it even funnier. hahaha ANd then, their 4 year old son Leyonardo kept yelling Hna Cougar! Hna Cougar! Hahah oh mercy! 
Oh, so the pictures just finished loading... so sorry, I hope the 3 i picked were winners. hahaha next week I´ll send a pick of Pollo brasa y papas fritas! A popular dish aqui in Lima! AND INCA COLA. It´s a yellow soda that tasted exactly like bubble gum. IT´s a little strange at first but one grows to love it. Haha
Well, life in Las Viñas Alta is swell! Continue to pray for me! I need all the help I can get!
Hermana Cougar
P.S. Can someone forward this to Claire! Tell her I miss her like crazy and that I forgot her email!


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