Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Mi familia y amigos!!!

This week has been great but full of interesting mishaps! For example the other day I went to use the bathroom at my pensionista´s casa and as I was washing my hands Hermana Rebecca knocked on the door in a panic saying Hermana Cornu, did you use the bathroom? There was ´´acido on the toliet seat!´´ But all this was in spanish of course. I stood there and realized that my skin did not feel normal!!! Hahaha, but no worries I washed it off and I´m perfectly fine! But yes, I was scared out of my mind with a chemical called ACIDO on my behind! 

This week I also obtained an interesting toe infection but I´m going to the doctor today so no worries! It looks like of like a blister but was leaking puss..... I´ll try to send a pic!

Oh, and this week I lost all my money for the month. Well, lost it or it was stolen, I´m not sure. But no worries, I think I can get permision to withdraw some money from my personal account. I´m sad because it was 100 soles but trying to keep positive! 

Oh, it was cool, there was a joven (young kid) 17 years old that came to church last week and told us how he´s not a member but had a dream about the church! It was really interesting!

Oh wow, there´s a lot I want to tell you guys about but my mom is online! Mas mas tarde!


Hermana Cornu

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