Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Family and Friends!!!!!

I love you guys so much! Sorry about last week, I ended up writing friends from the mission! And sorry about this week. I spent my whole pday at the post office picking up a package! THANK YOU MOM! Youre the best! And my friends thank you too! 

Great news! Your prayers have helped immensely! Thank you so much! My toes are healed! I don't really know what happened but I'll try to send pictures next week. Hahaha, or someday. I'm writing from the mission home but don't have much time.

So the work in Las Vinas is going great! Slow, but our investigators are great!

I LOVE our ward! The members are so willing to help with the obra misional! And our ward mission leader Hermano Human is the best! It's funny, there's been a few times where he's found us walking tocar puertas and had us hop in his car. He would give us a drive by tour of where all the members of the ward live and every few minutes stop, roll down his window and have a conversation with some random person in the street and invite them to hear from missionaries, us! LOL A whole new way to go tracking! So crazy.

Okay, my spanish has improved a lot but I have one funny story! I don't think I've already shared it but forgive me if I have. Okay, a few weeks ago Hermana Sagastegui and I were knocking doors one night. I rang the door bell and started talking to a girl through the intercom. I explained how we were missionaries and wanted to share a message about Jesus Christ and the importance of families. The girl said she would have to ask her parents. As she asked her mom said "Who is it?" and she responded "I don't know, the girl was speaking Portuguese!" My companion started laughing! I think my gift of tongues is set to the wrong language! Hahaha  

Hahah, okay, no mas tiempo! 


Love Hermana Cornu

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