Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sister Cornu in Peru Email #2

Dear Family and Friends,
It' day six at the CCM! I'm still absorbing the fact I'm in PERU!!!!! I have TWO comanperas!! Sister McInnes and Sister Tiaou! They're both amazing! I love them to pieces! Oh, side note, the key boards here are different and my email doesn't have spell check... so I apologize now.
Anywho, the CCM is beautiful! I can't wait to email photos! Oh and the food here is awesome! Real peruvian food, but tamed down a bit for us North Americans. Haha.
Oh! Today is our P Day! We got to go shopping!! We took a bus ride to the temple first (but weren't able to do temple work, the temple is closed for cleaning). The buses here are so tiny! Standing up my head hits the roof! And they pack as many people inside the bus as possible! It costs about 50 cents to ride the bus and in American dollars it's about 30 cents. The grocery stores for the most part are similar but there are more markets. For example there are these storage units that people set up little shops in! It's awesome! 
I'm in district 103! I love it! The Hermanas and the Elders in my district are the best! Oh no, we had to wait forever to email, the teacher wasn't in the room to log us in. We have to log in twice and waited a second time. And now I'm being told I have to go. Everyone else got an hour but I'll get about 35 minutes, but that's okay. Next email will be longer! I'll send some photos now if possible!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Lots of love,
Hermana Cornu!  

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